The Spectrum Network

SpectrumNetwork is a decentralized GIS Based hybrid Blockchain system, build to function on the interoperability and advantage of the ERC20 DApp compatibility. Our utility token, SPEC is spatially encoded with a proof of location algorithm to solve and bridge a recurring gap between geospatial location data collection and cost management, making our GPS point now a more cryptographic georeferenced token.

Geospatial Technology is all about Data, Data and Data, but the future of geospatial technology is not just a map, trust relationship is critical and with the invention of blockchain technology; geospatial technology can ensure the locational validity of sensor data and eliminating in totality the need for middle man or central control. SpectrumNetwork is building the implementation of this hybrid system. These will ensure an autonomous control of data, cheaper acquisition, resilient, accountability, eliminates fraught with errors and inconsistencies while still protecting the data integrity and maintaining the geospatial bond with the blockchain architecture. Spatial Data tokenization together with a SpectrumNetwork platform built on an open decentralized ecosystem of hybrid infrastructure opens up the GIS Market globally to a broad pool of trust and efficiency.

The two key characteristics of Blockchains are trust and immutability, which is lacking in the areas of geospatial application; hence a need for a hybrid system. The weakest link in the form of data record officer, centralized geospatial data repository, Lack of credibility by data generators body, can all be eliminated. All these can be address by the hybrid of SpectrumNetwork. The potential of Blockchain infrastructure standard can enforce a censuses agreed upon trust, truth, verifiable and interoperable; hence making Blockchain tools available for geospatial data distribution and decentralization for a token.